Jon's Platform

We all know or have been impacted by someone suffering from addiction.  As we look at the effect this has on our criminal justice system, we separate those suffering from addiction into two different groups - those who have committed a crime and those who haven’t.  As we collectively work to eliminate all addiction from our community, we cannot forget that those who commit crimes need to be held accountable for their bad actions.  It is never okay for someone to take from you what you have worked hard to earn.      

I’ve practiced as an attorney in both Federal and local courts.  My legal abilities were recognized by the Indiana Supreme Court when they appointed me as a mortgage foreclosure facilitator and when two local judges subsequently appointed me to the same position.  I have years of experience as an undercover police officer and supervisor of our narcotic’s division, where every day I lived in the same environment as drug dealers and drug addicts.  I know and understand from ground zero why we have a drug epidemic and what it takes to get out of it.  As Police Chief for almost six years I have vast administrative experience and demonstrated leadership by implementing cutting-edge programs and developing partnerships that have resulted in historic decreases in drug crimes and property crime.  I’ve been involved in at least 30 different community groups including the Alliance for Substance Abuse Progress (ASAP) and others who are working to reverse the addiction trends.  I have chaired the Evidence Based Decision Making (EBDM) group that has introduced all forward-looking criminal justice reforms locally.      

Our county’s most problematic issue is drug addiction, which collaterally results in other crimes, divorce, child custody issues, property foreclosures, and much more.  My experience has prepared me to be a Judge with the wisdom and understanding that each situation requires an individualized solution that balances accountability for bad actions with the need to motivate each individual to become a productive citizen within our community.  Together we will make progress.  I respectfully ask that you vote for Jon Rohde, Leadership You Know & Trust!