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Why I’m Running For Judge

I grew up in a loving family with a mom, dad, three brothers and a sister. We didn’t have much, but our parents always made sure we had what we needed.  Because we had each other, we never felt like we needed more.  

Unfortunately, that changed when we lost my mother to cancer in 2012, but during her sickness I learned a valuable lesson.  When she was told that she had 14 months to live, many suggested that she travel the world or do the things on her bucket list.  In response, she would just smile and say, I’ve been called to teach music and so I’ll continue doing that until I can’t anymore.  This taught me that whatever time we have left on this earth, that it is best spent serving others.

As I finish the commitment I made to serve this community as a law enforcement officer, I have a sense of duty and obligation to continue my public service.  That is why I am running for Judge of Bartholomew County Superior Court 2.

Jon's Family

Jon and his wife, Sarah, have four children, Falesha (18), Klayton (15), Bailey (9) and Emerson (7).  Sarah is the owner of Rohde’s Family Diner located at 1644 Orinoco Avenue.

Falesha recently graduated Columbus North High School, Klayton is a freshman at CNHS, while Bailey (3rd grade) and Emerson (1st grade) attend St. Peter’s Lutheran School.       

Jon’s dad, Roger, is a Lutheran Pastor, while his mom, Jeri, passed away from cancer in 2012.  Jon is the second oldest of five children.  Jason is an Associate Pastor, Andrew is an assistant principal, Joshua is an accountant and Deborah is a high school math teacher.

A Message from Jon

"My community involvement, education, experience as an undercover police officer, leadership as Columbus Police Chief, and 11 years as a local attorney have prepared me to continue my public service to this community as Judge.  I’ve earned a reputation as one who is willing to take on challenging projects to make positive change, and together we can continue that progress.  I respectfully ask that you vote for me, Jon Rohde, Leadership You Know & Trust!"

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